1. Why Become A Member?

As a registered member of Woodflicker, you can get regular updates on the new arrival, offers & relevant information.  


2.  Can I cancel or change my order once it is placed?

Sure! Kindly get in touch with our Customer Care 011 2331 2332 asap& we will help you with any required changes.


3.  Which Payment Methods Do you accept?

Woodflicker accepts Visa (Credit and Debit), MasterCard, Net banking as types of online payment.


4.  Do you accept COD orders?

We cannot accept COD orders.  All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery.  Kindly refer our Payment Policy.


5.  How will I know when my order has shipped?

To view the status of your order, kindly login with your shipment details on Shipment Tracking at Woodlicker. com.


 6.  How long do refunds take?

It will be done within 7 working days.


7.  What is your Returns Policy?

Kindly refer our return policy (T&C).


 8.  What if I have received an incorrect item?

Please call our customer care support as soon as you receive your order. We will assist you within 24 hours.


9.  Is it safe to use my credit card or provide bank details on Wood flicker?

Kindly refer our privacy policy.


10.  Do I need to pay Shipping Charges for purchases on wood flicker?



11.  If I need personal assistance with my order? Whom I can contact?

Our customer service center is happy to assist you with your order on 011 23312332 or you can also write to us email or you can chat with us contact@woodflicker. com.  


12.  Will you charging for installation and transportation?



13.  What is the material used for making this product?

Please see product description and specification.


14.  Do you have any store locations?



 15.  Will the delivery and installation be done on the same day?

No, Installation will be on next day with your permission and your convenience.


16.  What happen if I want to customize the product?

You can contact our customer care and price may vary for the customized product.


17.  Do you offer any protection against fraud?

Kindly refer our Privacy Policy.


18.  Do you have any EMI option?

No, currently we are working on this process.


19.  Do you have any hidden cost or extra charges on wood flicker?



20.  What is the warranty/guarantee provided?

The product comes with a 18 month warranty against any manufacturing defects (for more details kindly refer our Warranty Policy).