An Introduction to the 7 Most Common Sofa Styles

An Introduction to the 7 Most Common Sofa Styles

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When Lawson sounds like a neighbour’s name and the only Tuxedo you know hangs in a wardrobe, choosing a sofa can be daunting affair. Sofa styles have evolved over the years and sofa styles range from the heavily carved baroque styled sofas to sleeker contemporary styles. Like trends, some sofa styles faded with time while others grew to become classics. Take a look at the seven most common sofa styles to find one that matches your interior style.


sofa styles chesterfield

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A chesterfield sofa can be easily recognized by its tufted appearance, stud detailing and scrolled arms. A chesterfield is usually upholstered in leather and features short exposed polished wood legs. The chesterfield sofa pairs well with a classic as well as a contemporary setting. Chesterfield sofas do take a lot of space and hence are not suited to bedrooms and small living rooms.


Club sofa

sofa styles club

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Comfort is synonymous with the Club Sofa. The sofa features a deep seat, slightly rounded back cushions and low arms. The sofa’s short turned legs give it a classic touch and are often mounted on castors. The club sofa is ideal for both small spaces and large but may look out of place in a high ceilinged room.



sofa styles tuxedo

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The Tuxedo is considered by many to be the modern day equivalent of the chesterfield. Like the chesterfield, the tuxedo’s arms are the same height. The tuxedo exudes a sophisticated air with its straight lines and low profile making it perfect for contemporary styled home interiors. The tuxedo is often seen with an abundance of throw cushions to soften its appeal and make it more comfortable.



sofa styles camelback

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This sofa gets its name from the curves or humps in its back. The camelback is a fully upholstered formal sofa with an arched back that rises in the centre and slightly at both ends. It features high rolled arms and an exposed leg frame. Apart from living rooms, this formal sofa is ideal for a foyer or dressing room.  



sofa styles cabriole

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The cabriole is a sleeker variant of the camelback sofa. The exposed wooden frame that continues from the base of the sofa all around its contours differentiates it from the camelback. The legs of the cabriole sofa are also more ornamental than those of the camelback.



sofa styles sectional

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A sectional sofa is the most commonly found sofa in contemporary residential interiors. It usually follows an ‘L’ shape but larger units may also be designed in a ‘U’ shape. Sectional sofas are usually upholstered and may or may not be quilted. Sectional sofas need a lot of space and are ideal for living rooms, dens and media rooms.



sofa style lawson

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The Lawson sofa has a clean modern look that balances comfort with boxy contours. The sofa features a deep seat and a back that is as high as the seat is deep. Pairing a Lawson sofa with an interior design style is all about choosing the right upholstery. This versatile classic is equally at home in a country house as it is in an minimal loft.

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