Is your furniture monsoon-ready?

Is your furniture monsoon-ready?

Monday, Jun 26, 2017 0 comment(s)

Here are some tips from FII (Forestry Innovation Consulting India) to make your wooden furniture ready to face the climatic effects of monsoon:

* Three primary considerations would include sealing, ventilation and covering. One should avoid house renovation that involves polishing and painting during this season, as it affects the outer portion of the wood. Polishing should always be taken up before or after monsoon.

* Wooden furniture should be kept away from wet or humid areas as moisture is harmful to wooden furniture. Placing them near the windows may not be a good idea as rain splashes may damage them. Air movement dries the wood which is why a cross-ventilated room with open windows is a good idea when it comes to proper care of wooden furniture

* Use water-resistant adhesives for making furniture. It will protect the furniture from de-laminating when exposed to water

* When it comes to dusting of furniture, instead of using a damp cloth, one should use a soft cloth. Dust attracts moisture which can build up and soften the finish on one’s furniture

* High humidity can cause the growth of mould on wood; one can use a de-humidifier in the house so as to maintain the level of humidity. A de-humidifier will get rid of the moisture in the room and prolong furniture life.

* If one notices cracks or feels the product heavier than usual, or if the finish looks dull, it is advised to wrap these products and keep them in storage for about 2 months.

* One should keep wardrobes and cupboards at least six inches away from the walls since they tend to get damp. Place some camphor, naphthalene balls in the wardrobe as they will soak up dampness. Keeping neem leaves in the wardrobe keeps insects away.

* Oiling the furniture or waxing will prevent it from absorbing moisture.

Use blinds, shades or UV window protection to keep the rays directly shining on the wood products.

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